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Books That Give Falling Hard A Whole New Impact

Often bruised, sometimes broken, the Gallant Company of Knights know what it means to fight for what you love. Join these heroes and heroines of uncommon courage and rare heart as they challenge the limits of their bodies and the depths of their horsemanship. They are a fictional full contact jousting company that feels incredibly real, building a family of brothers and sisters amidst the trials of living on the road. Watch as these modern day jousters take the fall, not only in the lyst but in love as well.

A About the Author a

About the Author


A lifelong horsewoman, she is often found in the uncommonly intelligent company of her horse, Smoke.

All of her horses are special in their own way, but he truly is the love of her equine life.

When she’s not writing, she’s usually cultivating soul satisfying relationships with animals, having conversations with genuine people, supporting her friends,

and reading voraciously.

With over a decade of experience squiring at a championship tourney, and a long-term love affair with all things medieval and renaissance, she loves bringing to life the unorthodox culture of jousters and their horses.

Keeping chivalry and romance alive will never grow old.

In Review

 In Review a


"In her first book of the Gallant Heart series, Well Armored Hearts, it is apparent J.D. Harrison poured her heart and soul into writing about the beginning of Jo Bowen's story. It is full of the right kind of action, suspense, courage, love, and conflict. As a lady jouster myself, I would trust no one else to write about the modern jousting world, and a woman's journey in it. Truly, this is a one of a kind series, in the absolute best sense."


Dame Jessica Post 

Knights of the Rose

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Upcoming Events



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