Looking for a series with some impact? Then look no further than the Gallant Hearts!

Jousting, Romance, & Modern Day Knights in Shining Armor

Special On Fire edition available through the author!

Special On Fire edition available through the author!

No one would ever question the noble heart of Sir Aaron Drew, Captain of the Gallant Company of Knights. He has given everything to see his jousting troupe succeed, focusing on the storms buffeting him for so long, he’s lost sight of anything else. After all, he grew up learning to set aside his own wants for the sake of family. Within the brotherhood of Gallant Company, he can do no less. In the process, he’s lost sight of his own heart, but the time has come to open his eyes again.

Like a soaking rain after a long drought, Jaqueline Sauveterre rolls in, washing Aaron’s vision clean. She has her own goals as a competitive carriage driver, is as ambitious as Aaron himself has ever been. Jaque’s softness and passion for her own horse is a timely reminder of who he once wished to be, even as she struggles with her own demons. It doesn’t take long before he starts to fall for her, in a way far more terrifying than coming off his jousting horse at a high rate of speed.

Putting your heart to the hazard is no easy thing. Bones and bruises mend more easily than broken hearts. But if you take the chance and risk it all, you might come through stronger than you’ve ever been before.

Special On Fire edition available through the author!

At least nine books are planned for this series, so stay tuned! 

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